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The Artist Collective Sponsorship Program

Provide a future for an artist by giving them a lifetime membership. 

Artists mean everything to us.

That’s why we created TAC. A way for Artists to manage, financially forecast, connect with others, and sell one’s brand.

We firmly believe a platform should be more than a few features that treat the pain points of a user’s symptoms; it should solve the fundamental problems and empower the user to the success they seek. TAC is committed to providing the Home for Artists to live and flourish in.

Management and Financial Tools

Real time documents and Financial forecasting so their team can budget. 


Connecting a Community

Connecting their team and with other artists in TAC


Articles and info on Education Legal, Financial, and more.

A Quick glance at what they are getting:

The Brookings institute “Bottom up” strategy for the music industry’s recovery

” Small, stop-gap measures will not undo the damage; a substantial and sustained national creative-economy recovery strategy is required. This strategy must be bottom-up, but supported across the board and led by local public-private partnerships between municipal governments, arts and cultural organizations, economic development and community groups, philanthropy, and the private sector, with support from federal and state levels of government, national philanthropy, and large corporations.”


of artists thinking of quitting their profession


of artists have already left their profession

Million creative industry professional Jobs lost nationwide

Billion in losses in sales of goods and services for creative industries nationwide,

You Can Help

There is a way to help musicicians get back to their stages.

Sponsorship Packages

Beyond the satisfaction of helping an Artists, you will also be promoting your company. The good will you would recieve from an artists and their community would be less than a local ad. Email us below for more information

Our Partners

Artists that support us

Artist Testimonials

“Watching TAC develop from the very beginning has been exciting. It will undoubtedly be one of the most useful organizational tools in my arsenal. Its the first platform to cover every aspect of what I need to run my business A to Z. A one stop shop.”

Corey Bostic

Owner of Big Fun Brass Band , New Orleans, LA

“As a working musician, the potential for TAC to not only be an organizational tool but a business optimization tool is very exciting. TAC can help elevate musicians to a higher professional level by helping the artist/manager better understand themselves through a business lens and, in turn, make sure every step in their journey is one in the right direction.”

Logan Fotenot

Band Leader of The Flamethrowers, Lake Charles LA

A Message to the Artists out there:

Reach Us

5208 Magazine st #235

New Orleans, LA 70115